Silent Goodbyes

I will be gone,
before you get a chance to say goodbye.
I will be gone,
in the darkness of night
that surrounds my hellish mind
and the abhorring soul.
I will be gone,
the me that summons demons
in the terror of love and
in the form of profanity.
I will be gone,
for I don’t know who I is
and who I wants.
I will be gone,
from the face of your mind
and your untethered heart
if there is anything that this mind mastered
it’s the art of leaving and abandoning
the oceans of thoughts
the volcanos of emotions.
So, I will be gone,
before we realize who I is
and then there will be silence finally.

For: Silent


The cracks

Like a moth to a flame,

I was drawn to your heart.

I could see the cracks,

and I could feel the rhythm.

I sensed a path

that led me inside you.

Little did I know,

that you were just a rotten flesh,

with a showpiece of a heart.



Reality check

Was it the omnipresence that confused me?
Or was it the uncertainty of a new experience?
Was it my lack of loving?
Or was it my lack of receiving?
Was it the overwhelming euphoria?
Or was it the underlying paranoia?
But what really matters now is that
was it for real?
Or was it all just a misunderstanding?