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That disappointment in your eyes,
I’m all too familiar with it.
I see the same – in the mirror,
the only difference being
that in your piercing stare
I see one more thing –
the increasing will to lose me.

© seekingmypeace


Funny, you’d think I’d struggle
after ending years of togetherness
we liked to call love,
but darling, you failed to realize
that in the midst of games
of blames and fights,
I learned to live, like you didn’t exist.

© seekingmypeace

After long, I thought about the old love. It’s already a distant memory but the learnings are intact, as new as ever 🙂

After all,
in the end,
we’re all just stories,
to be read by many,
understood by some
and hopefully saved
in heart, by one. ❤️

© seekingmypeace

Moving inches closer to myself
wrapped in your arms and legs,
thinking about the frail threads
that hold us together for now
and slowly, as these threads begin
to loosen, move further away
till they can no longer hold it together,
I stay, as a whole, in myself
but now without you, your arms and legs.

© seekingmypeace

Waiting by the hour,
phone in hand,
hope in heart,
I lose more of me
to lesser and lesser of you.
No amount of waves
can calm the fire
that stirs inside me
to have more of you
in equal parts of me.

Nothing wrong

My child,
there is nothing wrong with you,
you are not a manufacturing defect.
It could be an unresolved issue
or a calling,
or a disease,
difficult to diagnose
maybe unknown yet to humanity.
Whatever it is,
it’s a reason,
and it is there,
but it doesn’t define you.
You’re not it.
You’re the one with it,
and you will embrace it
and learn to be with it.
But my child,
before all of that,
take my hand and say –
“There is nothing wrong with me”
because there isn’t
and there never will be.

© seekingmypeace

We don’t realize that our days could be so volatile.

Yesterday, I didn’t sleep at night but had a perfect beginning to my day. And then suddenly, some was said which brought me down (for few seconds only). It led to this –

All this while, I kept thinking
you could see my cracks
and you stayed away
to not want to plaster them.
But I didn’t realize,
you weren’t repulsed by the cracks
but the fact that I was standing
despite them
and not lying broken on floor.

But because I am in a much better place than where I used to be few months back, I let this go, like I do with almost all things. Letting go has been my only option.

I slept during the day peacefully, content and positive that this day would be nothing but perfect. And then suddenly my pyramid of responsibility started shaking. I had a what you call a professional disaster. I know there is no point obsessing over it because what’s done is done. But I still can’t grasp, how quickly things can go wrong and this scenario being one of the low intensity wrongs.

As always, I turn to you for comfort though. And now this is where I stand –

I’m never alone in this one man place,
where I create thoughts no one can see.
Because you are so rooted so deep inside it
that all the chaos my thoughts create
can barely touch you –
you stay there, firm and alive and standing.
The world may crumble around me,
but I know you won’t,
atleast not inside me,
atleast not this version of you.