Category: Lies and Truths

Waking up hastily
to flashing news
of humans failing
to save humanity;
watching from home
men in arms
wanting to protect
from impending revenge;
putting on clothes,
her favorite dress
and unlike her,
some sharp makeup,
thinking to herself
if today’s it,
she’d die pretty.

© seekingmypeace



There are gaps,
so many of them
that my mind is searching
for where they came from.
It places them constantly
to my failures,
to my passions
because it fails to believe
that one person,
that I never even had
to begin with,
can leave so many potholes
in this shadowy dump
I call my heart.

© seekingmypeace

Dreams that wake me

The repercussions
of a disturbed sleep
are the dreams,
the ones you get
when you have woken once.
The thoughts that chase you
stay with you
and your dreams become
the alternate realities;
seeing your worst fears come true
and then waking up
with a sweaty forehead,
heart racing fast
is what my masochist heart
craves for ❤️

© seekingmypeace

As a person who is affected by very less things, I can’t do much when my mind and heart plot against me, except sit back and enjoy the horror show every morning.

You have my heart
and the little amount of treasures
that I cherish,
that’s definitely the biggest one.
I know it’s not a treasure for you
but when I meet you
on the other side,
I hope you use it
to find the key to my soul,
and make it yours forever.


Someday, I’ll see you on the other side and that’s when you’ll have me, have us.

Hi guys!

I took a break as life was getting too real for me. I have been writing but I couldn’t get myself to post. So, I will start posting what I have written in this break period.




Trust me, darling when I say sometimes being with another can make you feel more lonely. And at night, when your fears come around, it’s really scary to see your own shadow and not recognize who it is. ©seekingmypeace

Come, play

Don’t fall for these curves,
they lie;
they create an illusion
that what’s inside
isn’t flat and boring;
they make you want to
in their imperfection,
but it’s a trap,
and death
is the kindest outcome
you can wish for.


For: DailyPost, Disappear


I’m trouble

​I can mend the broken,
and I can heal the hurt.
I can revel in the darkness,
and get shade in the sun.
But I cannot separate
my head from toe
in the pools of your love,
and I cannot leave myself
by the magic of your words.
Maybe, just maybe,
this love is here
to save me from myself,
and then, someday,
maybe I can stop saying
‘Don’t ever fall for me’.