I will disappear into this cloud of nothingness and make sure the winds turn the other way But even then I can’t guarantee you that when there will be showers some days, they would not fall on you, despite my efforts. ©seekingmypeace Advertisements

You have my heart
and the little amount of treasures
that I cherish,
that’s definitely the biggest one.
I know it’s not a treasure for you
but when I meet you
on the other side,
I hope you use it
to find the key to my soul,
and make it yours forever.


Someday, I’ll see you on the other side and that’s when you’ll have me, have us.

Hi guys!

I took a break as life was getting too real for me. I have been writing but I couldn’t get myself to post. So, I will start posting what I have written in this break period.



I wish I could borrow your lens and see the colors my fears block away. Just once. I will fill the empty vessel till the cracks leak again; the memory of your colors fading, but remaining. Not just for once. ©seekingmypeace


I tore the pages away
that tugged at the strings of your heart
Each by each,
they took away the memories
and with it,
the sorrows of your absence.
I didn’t believe it
until I saw the pale blue veins
strike up a new flow,
the amalgamation of blue with red
and the new blood,
red, crimson, maroon.
The body feels better, it feels new
but the heart is still confused
when it skips a beat
everytime it looks at you ♥️



Trust me, darling when I say sometimes being with another can make you feel more lonely. And at night, when your fears come around, it’s really scary to see your own shadow and not recognize who it is. ©seekingmypeace

Everytime the gates open,
I think of you
and I think of us.
Maybe the future isn’t bright,
it’s always uncertain,
so I think of things
that are certain;
I want you
and I have you,
and with that,
the gates can close now
and I can move away.