Sitting by the temple,
I’m holding you
by your hands.
But I can’t bring you
any closer
because you’re the past,
and you’re already gone.




She stood like a rose
in front of the world
with piercing thorns
waiting to cut and slash
those who came near,
melted by her luminescent presence.

But what they couldn’t see
was that she was a lotus
that grew in the solitude of the pond
and bloomed in her fantasy world.
She wore the mask of the rose hoping,
that someone would realize
that roses only grew in bushes
and this lone one here, isn’t one!


For: DailyPost, Luminescent

And just as March ended,
and I found myself
holding my knees
and melting through my eyes,
I finally realized
that my dearest wish came true –
I found my struggle
and became a human, afterall.


Sometimes something too close to your heart, feels right when shared with strangers, but not your loved ones… 

I’m drunk
and frantically reminiscing;
professing my undying love
to a phone and chat screen.
My intoxicated mind
has cleared every thought
and yet you remain,
like a rock solid belief
in this chaotic mind.
I’ll never hit send
because come morning,
I will want you even more
but you will want nothing


For: DailyPost, Frantic

Those eyes,
that swayed from left to right
weren’t looking for your secrets
or listening to your unsaid words.
They were,
making sure
that their messages
reached you, somehow.


For: DailyPost, Inefficient

As I go deeper and darker,
in roads to my unrequited love,
I realize, more and more, that
you cannot give love to someone
who doesn’t want to be loved,
because love is a talisman
which needs entrustment
and cannot be gifted,
just like that ❤️


For: DailyPost, Talisman